Inge is an entrepreneur at heart. There is an endless stream of (often bad) ideas coming from Inge. The best ideas he says, are crerated in collaboration and with inspiration from others.

He has an electronics engineering background, an MBA, and a specialisation within Finance. This has been followed by about 30 years of experience with sales, business entrepreneurship and software solution development.

Inge's professional passion has been AI & Analytics for many years, before that it was quantitative finance. And always there was sailing.

You will find Inge easy to talk to whatever the idea or requirement. Favourite life motto (there are many): "there is no such thing as a stupid question".
David holds his Ph.D. in Spatial Statistics, and a MSc in Industrial Mathematics, both from NTNU, Norway's highest regarded tecnology University.

His research centered on Bayesian inverse problems, in particular applications of hidden Markov models to geophysical data. As part of his PhD he also spent six months at UCSC, California, on topics related to stochastic optimization.

Everybody loves David. That is just the way it is, and we are the luckiest team to have him as a colleague.

But seriously, you will enjoy working with him, and learn from his genereous spirit, calm personality and razor sharp mind.
With his Ph.D. in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU Parsa has valuable competence in transforming the most varied problems into mathematical models, in recognizing structural commonalities, and solving problems using suitable methods. Backed with the discipline of studying automatic controlling of dynamic systems and more than 10 years of working experience from different technical projects, both from research and industry, Parsa is an experienced Data Scientist.

His passion and technical expertise lies within industrial process automation and optimization, and he joins Intellectual Labs to invent such new and disruptive solutions.

Parsa particularly enjoys using his creative side when it comes to developing strategies for data-driven services. 
Parham holds a MSc. from University of Stavanger and has 10+ years of experience focused on analytical and numerical modeling. He is adept at data analysis and machine learning, signal processing, microcontroller programming, back-end and front-end development, and has broad experience within Matlab, Python, C# and SQL. 
At Intellectual Labs Parham will work on developing new and exciting AI solutions with partners. His passion for data science, mathematics and numerical modeling, fits perfect with his background in modeling and software development.
Parham is a Yes person with a mild smile, endless curiosity and a joy for solving any task within computer, and data science. What a combo.
Tobias is an highly experienced professional with specialized expertise and passion for data science. He is a Masters in Statistics from NTNU where his thesis was on using Deep Learning for extracting relevant information from text data. And equally important, Tobias is fun to hang around and allways have a nice ironic joke at hand, so be sharp!   

After completing his degree, he worked as a data science consultant and was exposed to several tough challenges with data and analytical projects within maritime, shipping, banking, renewable energy, healthcare and retail sectors. 

Equipped with these Tobias can conduct and facilitate demanding industrial scale AI projects.

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